PE Herbarium Type Specimens

Institue of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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A. Andrejewit Bunge1833Mem.Sci.St.Petersb.(Ledeb.Fl.Alt.)
A. .A.Bunge1832Memoires de I‘Academie Imperiale des Sciences de Saint Petersbourg(Ser.7)
P. & Burkill1914Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal,Part 2, Nartural History
P. & Burkill1906Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal
V. .Byalt2000Nov.Syst.Pl.Vasc.
A. .Camus1954Lithocarpus variolosus (Fr.) Chun subsp.shunningensis A.Camus
A. .Camus1953Lithocarpus cleistocarpus (Seem) Rehd.& Wils.var.fangianus A.Camus
A. .Camus1948Sur Quelques Chenes
A. .Camus1947Fagacees nouvelles de L’Asie orientale
A. .Camus1938Sur quelques Fagacees nouvelles
A. .Camus1937Fagacees Nouvelles de Lasie Orientale
A. .Camus1936Tableau des sous-genres et sections du genre Quercus.
A. .Camus1933Quercus malacotricha A.Camus
A. .Camus1932Quelques Especes Nouvelles de Chenes
A. .Camus1931Fagacees Nouvelles De L’Asie Orientale
C. .C.Chang1935中国菊科之新种/Compositae Novae Sinensis
C. - C. Chang1951千里光属及其近缘各属之新种/New Species of Senecio and Its Allied Genera
C. - C. Chang1949A Study on Viola of South-Western China
C. - C. Chang1948华东堇菜属一新种/A New Viola from Eastern China
C. - C. Chang1936对于中国菊科之贡献/Contributions to the Knowledge of Chinese Compositae
C. - C. Chang1934Observations on the Compositae of China
C. - C. Chang1934Compositae Novae Sinensis
C. - C. Chang0中国西南部堇菜属之研究/A Study on Viola of South-western China
H. - T. Chang1951中国紫珠属植物之研究/A Review of the Chinese species of Callicarpa
W. Chengyih & Changlin1982川滇蝇子草属新分类群/Taxa Nova Generis Silenes L.E Flora Sichuanense et Yunnanense
A. -cheng Chao1958中国的使君子科植物/A Census of the Chinese Species of Combretaceae
W. Chaofen1994钻地风属植物摘录/Notes on Schizophragma Zucc.(Saxifragaceae)from China
L. Chaoluan1996中国葡萄科植物新分类群/New Taxa in Vitaceae from China
C. Cheih1984中国野牡丹科植物志资料/Materia ad Flora Melastomataceae Sinensium
C. Cheih1978中国紫金牛科新种及新变种/New Species and Varieties of Myrsinaceae from China
W. Cheng-yih Cheih1974中国唇形科植物志资料(三)/Materiae ad Floram Labiatarum Sinensium (3)
H. - H. Hu & Feng- Chen1951江西植物小志 I/Notulae ad Floram Kiangsiensem I
F. - H. Chen1948中国西南飞燕草属之研究/Contributions to the Knowledge of the Genus Delphinium of Western China
F. - H. Chen1934河北省菊科初步之研究/A Preliminary Study of the Compositae in Hopei Province
L. Chen1938New Species of Bauhinia from China
E. D. M. & Luetta Chen1943The Chinese and Indo-Chinese Species of Ormosia
F. P. Metcalf Chen1935柿之两新种类/Two New Species of Diospyros
P. C. Hoch & P. Chen1992Systematics of Epilobium (Onagraceae) in China
T. .C.Chen1954崖豆藤属四新种/Four New Species of Milletia
Y. - S. Chen2010Saussurea baoxingensis sp.nov.(Compositae,Cardueae) from Sichuan,China
G. Zhu & Shin Chen1999Cypripedium taibaiense(Orchidaceae),a New Species from Shaanxi,China
H. - H. Hu & Wan- C. Cheng1951云南木兰科的新种/New Species of Magnoliaceae of Yunnan
H. - H. Hu & Wan- C. Cheng1948中国西南部槭树之研究/New and Noteworthy Species of Chinese Acer
H. - H. Hu & Wan- C. Cheng1948Some New Trees from Yunnan
W. - C. Cheng1938A New Chinese Styrax
W. - C. Cheng1935New Ligneous Plants from China
W. - C. Cheng1934Two New Ligneous Plants from Chekiang
W. - C. Cheng1934Notes on Ligneous Plants of China
W. - C. Cheng1932贵州铁杉之一新种/A New Tsuga from Southwestern China
W. - C. Cheng1931A New Spruce from Western China


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